Having the right equipment for Mantrailing is key to letting your dog know they are now playing a fun game and going to work Mantrailing.

Why? It is association…… dogs learn quickly even if you are not training them. It’s why we spell out words like W.A.L.K instead of saying the word or why if you go to put your jacket on, the dog is suddenly waiting at the door!

Having and using a specific harness, lead, food pots and the right reward that are only ever used for mantrailing is association to the dog that they are doing this now. The dog sees the special equipment being got out and put into the car and thinks “hey I am doing this fun game now” in the same manner a ball thrower associates walkies. It gets them in the right excited frame of mind that the fun is about to start. Use another harness and lead for every day walking or other dog sport activities, but keep a specific set of equipment for when you go mantrailing with your local instructor.

However, don’t worry at first if you don’t have the right gear! As you progress through your Mantrailing journey you can upgrade to the right harness and lead over time. Your Mantrailing instructor will help guide and advise on this.

For your first few mantrailing sessions the only equipment you need are:

  • a harness
  • a long line (circa 5 meters)
  • your normal lead
  • 2 small tupperware pots with some yummy treats
  • a scent article (hat, glove, sock etc)
  • poo bags

We will remind you of what you need to bring when you make a booking. If you forget anything it is most likely your instructor will have spare equipment on the day.

For the safety of the dog and the dogs learning, we cannot allow trailing using a collar only.

The long line cannot be a retractable lead.

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