Foundations are the key to anything in life, if you don’t put the foundations in the building will fall down. Quite simply, and to use an old cliche “don’t run before you can walk”.

Mantrailing success does not come from a dog being able to undertake longer trails or aged trails. It is about maintaining the drive and ability to keep the dog motivated to find a missing person.

But hey, we still all like to see achievements in life and in Mantrailing we do this by going through a series of progression levels to achieve badges and attain more complex mantrailing trail levels.

Whether with us our another MantrailingUK instructor every time you trail you can achieve two new task sign offs. If you really want to progress in Mantrailing you can work towards the four levels available.

Mantrailing ninjas can supply you with a progression book on your introduction workshop and level training record books can be obtained by us if you want to progress further.

We offer a level up workshop that will help you hone your skills of the tasks required in your progression book – see our Training and workshop page HERE for more information