Training workshops and sessions

Our training workshops or sessions.

We offer mantrailing in and around the South Manchester and North Cheshire Areas.

Altrincham – Sale -Stretford – Timperley  -Didsbury – Stockport – Poynton – Wilmslow – Alderley Edge – Macclesfield – Lymm – Knutsford – Warrington – Grapenhall – Birchwood – Apple Thorton – Mere – Hazel Grove – Northwich.

Generally, our introduction workshops are undertaken on our farm located just outside of Altrincham. We will post on the bookings schedule where our mantrailing sessions will be, but they may have to change on the day if circumstances otherwise dictate. 


Introduction Workshops

Mantrailing is one of the latest fastest growing sports in the UK! It is an exciting new dog sport that teaches you and your dog to search out the ‘missing person’. 

Our introduction workshops are aimed to give you a taste of what Mantrailing is all about and included in the workshop will be three trails for your dog. Our workshops come with a warning that once started, Mantrailing is addictive!

We  talk you through the goals of mantrailing and briefly, in layman’s terms, about the natural ability for dogs to detect an individual scent (a genetic fingerprint).

Any breed and age are welcome on these workshops and because each dog will be worked individually this is a brilliant sport for any dogs that struggle to be around other dogs or people, this also means that all dogs must spend time in their car/van so please make sure they are happy with this.

 You will need for this workshop

  • a harness (for welfare, dogs are not allowed to trail on a collar)
  • a long line/lead (not a retractable)
  • your normal lead
  • 2 small Tupperware pots and a supply of the best treats ever to fill and refill them
  • a scent article (hat, glove, sock etc)
  • poo bags
  • suitable clothing for the weather
  • sturdy footwear
  • Gloves for line handling

oh……and your dog!

Don’t panic, we will remind you of these when you book.

Our introduction workshops fill up fast so don’t wait, book now.

Mantrailing Sessions

Mantrailing sessions are open to all dog/handler teams who’ve already completed a Mantrailing Introduction workshop with a Mantrailing UK instructor. If you’ve not yet undertaken the Introduction, please check above for available dates.

Mantrailing sessions are where you really start to learn and hone your handling skills, read your dog and start to do advanced starts, trails and ends, all while having fun. Under an instructors guide, you can progress through various levels and badges.

Mantrailing Sessions are charged at £18.00 per 2 hour morning/afternoon session (max 5 teams and two trails), or £25 per evening session (max 4 teams and three trails) dates/times are available on the link below. Locations will be confirmed prior to the day. See our blog post on why it is important to continue your training with a Mantrailing Instructor HERE

Level Up Workshop

If you have already completed an introduction workshop with a Mantrailing UK instructor, and are looking to improve your technique. This session is a great way of learning new techniques/observations to help both you and your dog progress.

During this session we’ll cover several key points to help you level up your mantrailing game. The workshop will include:

• Line Looping – setting the scene for success during the trail
• Advanced Line Handling Techniques – learn how to smoothly feed out and reel in your line
• The Bell Test – if you can reel a 10m long line in and out without ringing the bell, we’ll sign off this task in your Progression Booklet
• Teaching Indications – how and why we teach a dog to indicate when they find the missing person
• Body language so you can better understand what your dog is telling you.
• Scent Marking – presenting scents in different ways

Each dog/handler team will then run 2 trails so that the skills you’ve learned during this workshop can be put into practice right away with live feedback

The cost of this workshop is £50 per dog/handler team. The exact location will be confirmed to attendees 7 days prior to the event.

Theme Events

Theme events are great fun for both the dog and the handler. We take a standard mantrailing session and add some zazzle to it by dressing up, having a theme scent article and a great location to trail in. We do Muder Mystey, Halloween, Christmas, Easter. Cops and robbers, in fact anything we can conjure up. Check out out our next theme day below:

Puppy Trails

All the fun of a normal workshop, but toned down a little for the pups to start their adventure into Mantrailing. Great for wearing out the little guys especially if you have an over-energetic pup. Mantrialing for puppies is great fun for them and the owner and it is a great way for nervous pups to develop. Because we only trail one dog at a time the pups need to stay in your vehicle between trails so you need to ensure they will be comfortable doing this.

Children’s Trails

Our children’s trails are great fun and a great way to build a bond between the dog and the child.

Although we only offer the children’s mantrailing session in our secure field, once a dog has taken the scent and is fired up to trail, it will pull and therefore for safety reasons we can only allow children over the age of 12 to participate and ONLY children who can handle their dog i.e. they are not going to be dragged across the field by it.

We keep our trails short for the children and it is essential that parents must have attended one of our introduction workshops and must be present during the trails. Children must have also attended one of of fun lead handling and scent marking workshops so they understand the game and so that the dog gets consistent feedback from the handler. We don’t want to to confuse the poor things! Consent for photographs can be given on the day.