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Getting started in Mantrailing is just for fun for many dog owners, but for some joining mantrailing means their dog can join in with something fun regardless of their physical or behavioural issues.

Mantrailing is an inclusive sport, it was designed to be fun for all dogs regardless of breed, age and temperament. This also means regardless of their disabilities both physically or behaviourally.

As its low impact, it is suitable for dogs who are retired from other sports, and for dogs that may have a missing limb or spinal issues. Mantrailing is done at the dog’s own pace, there are no points for speed when trailing. It’s all about that dog finding their missing person using their nose in the way that suits them best.

Starting mantrailing could be the best way to understand your dog better, allow them an outlet for natural behaviour and give them a way to have fun regardless of physical or behavioural issues. We want every dog to have fun while mantrailing, and we want every dog to be able to join in with the fun.


Mantrailing is open to anyone with or without a disability who can handle a dog. If you can hold a lead and are mobile you can go mantrailing either walking, in a wheelchair or on a mobility scooter. The only consideration is the terrain we trail on and we are happy to discuss this with you if you have a disability. Speed and age are no problem, again we can adapt the Mantrailing sessions to suit.

If you are unsure you can undertake a Mantrailing session, give us a call to discuss.