Once you have the principles of Mantrailing you can go off and do it yourself, but we as instructors strongly suggest you don’t.

Foundation work is crucial and if you get the foundations wrong then it can set the dog up to fail, loose motivation or simply learn a whole lot of bad mantrailing habits plus all the health and safety issues an instructor will spot that you may not.

If you have ever seen the movie “The Karate Kid” where he is set to continually paint the fence, that is foundation work. It is not just about running off setting longer trails and adding longer time delays to a start

“Progress is not measured on the length or the age of a trail but the strength of your foundation.” – Kevin Kocher

A MantrailingUK Instructor will teach, guide and monitor you and your dogs progress. They will help you attain the higher levels of mantrailing and introduce you to a whole world of different Mantrailing starts, trails and ends. They are worth every penny for you to get it right and progress.

A good instructor will take you through

Leading handling skills

Scent marking

Understanding the role of the handler and trail layer

Continually giving your dog opportunity to search for new people (family and friends are not the best people to mantrail)

Learning your dogs signals and indications

Safe locations

Positive feedback so you know you are on the right track